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Office 365: 5 ways to increase your team’s productivity

How can an Office 365 make my business run smoother, we already have all the Microsoft applications from the last release Outlook, Work, Excel, and PowerPoint? We get this question from business owners, managers, and many users who want to know why they should migrate to Office 365. Office 365 gives your team access to …Read More

Two-Factor Authentication: What is it? Is it worth my time?

Two-factor authentication is an additional security measure that protects your personal information from being stolen. It’s crucial in today’s volatile information security environment. Security breaches happen every day. Victims of past breaches include Target, eBay, and Yahoo. In each of these cases, hackers stole customers’ personal, login, or financial information. Have you ever experienced a …Read More

What is Phishing? How can I outsmart email scams?

Phishing…What is it? “Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes money), often for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity.” (Wikipedia) Email phishing scams are more and more common; we’ve all had friends, family and colleagues affected by email scams. Cybercriminals running these scams …Read More

The Nathans Episode 4: IT Life Hacks Part 1

  The Nathans Episode 4: IT Life Hacks Part 1 By: Nathan Frey, feat. Nathan Shannon & Helixstorm Team   Here at Helixstorm we have a pretty awesome moral.  Part of our culture involves sharing knowledge so we can perform our jobs better.  In the spirit of sharing our culture with you, I thought I’d …Read More

The Nathans Episode 3: Don’t think you’re a technology company? Think again.

By: Nathan Frey  |  Featuring: Nathan Shannon Yes, every company is a Technology Company.  But how you ask? Rather than spout cliché theories,  the best way to answer that question is to provide you with real world examples.  Think about FedEx.  They are not known as a “Tech” company but think about all the technology they …Read More

Padres vs. Dodgers Event Photos


The Nathans Episode 2: What does my IT Department do anyway?

By: Nathan Frey  |  Featuring: Nathan Shannon One of the most common questions we get in life is “what do you do for a living”.  If you were to say “Doctor” or “Lawyer” no real extra information is required for someone to really appreciate what you do.  In the IT field, this question garners mixed responses.  …Read More

The Nathans Episode 1: So what is a Server and why should I care?

By: Nathan Frey, Helixstorm Service Technician  Featuring: Nathan Shannon, Service Technician I recently worked on an issue for a client; their employees couldn’t access a set of shared folders they use for accounting.   As I began looking into the issue one of the employees—a friendly lady whom I have regularly spoken with– contacted me to get …Read More

Video: How to create HP 3PAR Remote Copy

Albert Attias, one of Helixstorm’s Senior Systems Engineers shows you how to create a Remote Copy on a HP 3PAR. We also cover the purpose, how to fail over, recover, and restore. View the video now to learn more!  

Why you need to setup password restrictions?

It seems now every year we hear about a large amount of data breaches; take a look at the “World’s Largest Data Breaches” here. Everyone heard about Target and Aetna, but there was a huge amount of focus on Ashley Madison in 2015 as people’s private lives were turned public – ruining families and marriages. …Read More