At Helixstorm we use the best products to power our IT solutions. Our goal is to offer you the most optimum network hardware and software for your technology budget while achieving your specific enterprise needs.

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Server Solutions

Helixstorm utilizes HPE servers and Dell servers when architecting your enterprise datacenter solutions.

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Storage Solutions

Helixstorm utilizes HPE and Dell storage arrays when architecting your enterprise datacenter solutions.

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Switches and Routers

Helixstorm utilizes Brocade, HPE, and QLogic to provide switches and routers to the networks of our customers.

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Virtual Desktops

Helixstorm utilizes VMware View software, as well as Panologic and EVGA hardware, to provide desktop virtualization for our customers.

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Software Solutions

Helixstorm uses best-of-breed software to power the virtualization, back-up, and management functions in the architecture of your IT solutions.

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Helixstorm combines our expertise with our partners state-of-the-art technology to create the best IT solutions for our clients.

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