IT Solutions

Helixstorm is a full-service IT engineering firm that specializes in virtualization and cloud computing solutions. Our IT solutions are stable, reliable, easy to implement, and deploy with little to no downtime. Our engineers are qualified with the highest industry certifications, and roll out our solutions to enterprises of all sizes.


Virtualization has many well-known benefits, including cost savings, decreased space and energy requirements, improved flexibility, and more. Helixstorm provides virtualization solutions for your data center.

A converged infrastructure takes different Information Technology components and converts them into a single solution. A converged IT solution will save you money, time, resources, and energy.

Server Architecture
Servers are the backbone of the IT infrastructure, and allow the organization’s IT activities to run. Helixstorm architects solutions by combining our award winning engineering with the best technology.

Storage is one of the main facets of the enterprise data center. Much like the data it contains, it is diverse and constantly in flux. In order to leverage the storage capacity in your organization, the right solution must be selected.

A key part of your data center, the network in your IT infrastructure is a collection of hardware and software that are interconnected by communication channels.

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