Server Architecture

Servers are the backbone of the IT infrastructure, and they allow applications and other mission-critical procedures to run an organization’s IT activities. Helixstorm, along with over 50 years of collective industry experience, offers robust solutions for server technology that can help optimize server capacities in your small to mid-sized company.


High Availability Clusters

High-availability clusters are groups of servers that can be utilized with minimum downtime. It allows crashed applications to be detected and immediately restarted on another system without requiring an admin to physical do it themselves. Helixstorm and our team of certified engineers are experts in configuring your data center servers into high availability clusters against SAN storage machines to eliminate single points of failure. Using HP Serviceguard and Symantec Veritas Cluster Server, we provide unprecedented solutions for your servers.


Server Management

Helixstorm, with over 50 years of collective experience, is skilled in server lifecycle management. Having full support of features from initial deployment through ongoing management is critical to keeping your technology assets in pristine working condition.


Server Hardware

Helixstorm employs two different server technologies to power your data center. We utilize both stackable and blade technology to bring you flexible and powerful control over your data.


Stackable servers are comprised of layers of components that house the mission-critical applications in an IT environment. Stackable servers have actual boxes on top of each other in the server rack instead of blades inside one console. Helixstorm can help you optimize your stackable servers to reduce your operational costs and get the most out of your technology investment.


Blade servers optimize the use of physical space and energy with a modular design. They provide rapid deployment and grand-scale scalability, and function well for high availability clusters and virtualization. They are equipped to deal with large and diverse workloads. Helixstorm has extensive experience in blade servers, and offer technology services surrounding them.