HP 3PAR Storage Arrays are sophisticated enterprise storage solutions for the virtual infrastructure. They deliver cost savings, efficiency gains, and increased service levels by optimizing high-performance and high-capacity storage arrays. They are agile and support the next generation of flexible and reliable infrastructure services.


3PAR Benefits

  • Cut storage TCO by 50%
  • Spend 90% less time on management
  • Double VM density
  • Get high performance to meet peak demands due to boot storms, virus scans, and login storms
  • Simplify management, including rapid storage provisioning and automation, to eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Receive low deployment costs, since hundreds of virtual servers and thousands of virtual clients can be consolidated onto a single array without trade-offs
  • Increase capacity efficiency over time, due to unique space reclamation technologies
  • Work with policy-driven, autonomic storage tiering to optimize costs and performance


HP’s Thin Guarantee

Now is the best time to refresh your storage technology. Why? Because HP is guaranteeing that if you don’t reduce your traditional capacity requirements by 50% or more, they make up the difference by providing FREE additional disk capacity, software, and support.

With HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning Software, you’ll purchase only the disk capacity you actually need, only as you actually need it. No more overprovisioning, no more up-front allocations to accommodate future growth. No more guessing. No more waste.

You can find more information here about the HP 3PAR Guarantee.


Supporting Operating Systems

HP 3PAR Storage Arrays integrate with the following operating systems:

HP-UX, Microsoft Windows, Hyper-V, VMware ESX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SLES, IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Citrix XenServer


Ninja Assessment Tool

HP provides a tool to show you exactly how much storage capacity you can save when moving from legacy storage platforms onto a new HP 3PAR Utility Storage Array. NinjaThin provides you with real-time statistics from your data center to accurately show data utilization. No more guessing or estimating how much storage you’ll need- NinjaThin takes care of it for you!

To request a Ninja assessment of your storage, send us a message at sales@helixstorm.com.