Deliver venue-relevant content with a custom mobile app.

Bring your venue to life by providing indoor turn-by-turn directions, contextual marketing, and a personalized guest experience with the fastest Wi-Fi option available.



Large Public Venues

Ramp up mobile marketing.

Get best-in-class Wi-Fi, location services, BYOD onboarding, custom mobile apps, and more – all in one integrated solution that’s quick and easy to deploy.

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Scale your mobile engagement over any Wi-Fi network.

No need to alter your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure; Aruba Sensor connects as a client to your existing Wi-Fi network.

Secure guest access to your network.

Whether you’re a retailer, hotel, hospital or large public venue, we offer a better way to give customers and other visitors secure guest access to wireless and wired networks.

Deliver venue-relevant content with a custom mobile app.

Send guests personalized, push-notifications based on their real-time location and opt-in preferences.

Find out how to start engaging with your guests today!

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