Exceptional Customer Service is our goal. Helixstorm takes great pride in quality engineering, solution design and delivery for each customer. We know technology decisions can be difficult. Our entire team is dedicated to help you from initial design, to post-implementation and support.

Opinions are always welcome! We improve everyday from feedback provided by our customers, partners, and future clients. Below are comments from a few of our customers.

Road Runner Sports (San Diego, California)

“The best part is that when you can hand it off to one partner like Helixstorm there is no finger-pointing between vendors. Everything is managed by a single, trusted partner.

Helixstorm’s professional services expertise is exceptionally strong and their depth of knowledge is broad. You can’t find a more talented partner.”

– Travis Burke, Director of IT

The City of Atascadero (Atascadero, California)

“DataCore SANmelody has been 100% reliable. The biggest benefit we have seen is the fact that we can add storage without bringing anything down. Now we are not paying for any storage that we are not using. We were also looking for a product that would give us theability to facilitate DR and thin provisioning. Both of these requirements were met with the DataCore SANmelody product.

The final consideration for us was that our professional services provider – Helixstorm – has a long relationship with DataCore and VMware. They were able to virtualize 95% of our environment. Helixstorm delivered above and beyond the statement of work. They provided the HA environment we need to support the SLAs to our customers along with asynchronous data replication to our remote site. We can have our virtual servers back online in about 15 minutes should we suffer a major disaster at our primary site.”

– Ken Phillips, IT Manager

Truly Nolen of America (Tucson, Arizona)

“Helixstorm helped us design and implement our virtual computing infrastructure. Their “best practice” methodology helped us gain the availability we needed to deliver our applications to our clients. Helixstorm has a depth of expertise deploying total virtualization environments. They highly recommended DataCore software for our SAN environment, we are now able to provide redundancy to our critical business application along with ability to provide storage on demand through thin-provisioning.”

– Themis Tokkaris, Senior System Administrator