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What Data Storage Method is Best for Your Business?

Your data is one of your business’s most valuable assets, whether it’s intellectual property or sensitive customer information. Not only do many industries require strict compliance with data privacy laws, but properly using data storage methods will protect your business from hackers while reassuring your clients that you prioritize their privacy. However, with so many… Read More

10 IT KPIs You Should Track (And Why They’re So Important)

Small businesses are adopting digital solutions every day, and with that comes greater investment in IT infrastructure. However, it isn’t easy to manage your information technology program if you aren’t measuring IT KPIs. Key performance indicators evaluate the progress of activities toward established goals. But while all KPIs are metrics, not all metrics are KPIs…. Read More

How an MSP Can Fill IT Skills Gaps

If your company is thinking about downsizing, you’re probably concerned about how to address the IT skills gap you might create. In fact, 70 percent of information technology professionals claim IT skills shortages have impacted their organization.  Simply put, a skills gap is the difference between the skills a business needs and the skills its… Read More

What Does a Telecom Managed Services Provider Do?

If managing your telecom services has become more than you bargained for, we feel your pain. Juggling contracts, billing, legacy equipment, user issues and changing technologies can cause priority conflicts your business isn’t prepared to handle. Telecom and internet technologies have become a burden on many companies. Rather than being focusing on core business needs,… Read More

Are You Following Cybersecurity Best Practices? 14 Ways To Find Out

Are you taking cybersecurity seriously? Taking smart steps to improve your organization’s security posture is more critical now than ever.  If you’re an SMB, you may think you’re safe from being targeted by cybercriminals. Yet, studies show that 43% of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. If you’re not sure where your security posture… Read More

How Multi-Factor Authentication Protects Your Business

When it comes to cybersecurity, protecting your accounts from unauthorized access is a basic but crucial step. Multi-factor authentication, or “MFA” for short, requires additional identity verification forms to decrease the likelihood of cyberattacks. According to Microsoft, 99.9 percent of attacks can be prevented by adding multi-factor authentication. MFA adds another layer of security to… Read More

IT Compliance: What You Need to Know in 2021

IT compliance is a priority for businesses that use technology to provide services to their clients. Failing to meet IT compliance requirements can cost your company millions of dollars — or put you out of business entirely. Although many laws are mandatory, they also include best practices for information security that can benefit your organization… Read More

What the Heck is Nimble Storage? 5 Benefits You Should Know

When you’re in business growth mode, you need to plan how you will scale your assets without going over budget. For small businesses looking for ways to reduce storage costs while optimizing company performance, HPE’s Nimble Storage might be the right solution. From integrated backup and disaster recovery to painless IT operations, Nimble Storage offers… Read More

What Do MSPs Do? How An MSP Can Become Your Company’s BFF

Have you considered outsourcing your company’s IT support needs to an MSP (managed services provider) but found yourself wondering, “How does an MSP work?” A trusted MSP could make your IT operations more efficient, reliable and scalable — and it just might become your business’s new best friend. Today we’ll go over what MSPs do,… Read More

On-Premises Vs. Cloud Storage: Which Is Better?

What’s better: on-premises or cloud storage? Regardless of the industry you’re in, your business most likely relies on data in its daily operations. While many established companies are considering transitioning from on-premises storage to the cloud, newer companies also wonder if they could benefit from investing in on-premises storage. Both options offer unique advantages, but… Read More