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Secure Your Digital Assets

Are you confident that your existing threat intelligence and incident response efforts protect you 24/7/365? Managed Security Services safeguard your business, users and data. 

The challenge

Keeping your business safe is a full-time job.

Many organizations need help sustaining IT productivity while keeping networks secure. Here are some challenges you may face in mitigating system and user vulnerability.

  • Cyberthreats put users at risk

    Online threats are constantly evolving. Detecting and deflecting issues before they become problems is an ongoing, time-consuming problem.

  • Skilled staff is hard to come by

    Building a team that’s well-versed in security operations can be challenging. Employees must constantly train to keep up with the latest security trends and tools.

  • Expertise is expensive

    Hiring round-the-clock staff skilled in IT security is costly. However, using unskilled staff for complex security issues can put your business at risk.

The Solution

Helixstorm is Here to Help

Helixstorm is a trusted managed IT services provider. We offer a wide range of virtualization and cloud solutions, 24/7 managed IT support and professional consulting for small to medium-sized businesses.

Get Started with Managed Security Solutions

Helixstorm offers outsourced cloud-based security solutions that reduce your in-house security team for increased productivity, business agility and cost effectiveness.

More Solutions

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When you partner with Helixstorm, you get a broad range of services that solve your immediate headaches and build a strong technology foundation.

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In addition to our tech solutions, you can add our range of services in packages or a la carte to suit your needs.


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Get peace of mind with a security-focused IT mindset and proactive monitoring. Learn more about Helixstorm’s Managed Backup Services today.