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Liberate your IT staff from routine server administration tasks. Managed hosting makes the most of your IT resources, saving time and money.


The challenge

Administrative tasks can be overwhelming

If you’ve recently moved your IT infrastructure to the cloud, managing daily server maintenance can take time away from other IT initiatives. Here are some challenges you may face in managing your servers.

  • Security concerns

    Falling behind on server maintenance increases the risk of data breaches and infrastructure vulnerabilities over time.

  • Maintenance responsibilities

    Being responsible for all server and application management issues burdens your IT department with tasks they may be ill-equipped to handle.

  • Equipment expenses

    Leasing or purchasing onsite servers, hardware, network equipment and storage is costly.

The Solution

Helixstorm Lightens Your Load

Helixstorm is a trusted managed IT services provider. We offer a wide range of managed hosting solutions, 24/7 managed IT support and professional consulting for small to medium-sized businesses.

Get Started with Managed Hosting Solutions

Helixstorm offers a full slate of managed hosting solutions that handle routine server administration tasks, freeing up your IT resources and improving efficiency.

More Solutions

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If you’re looking for more comprehensive solutions to your challenges, check out our selection of powerful tools and technologies.

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Helixstorm Services

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In addition to our tech solutions, you can add our range of services in packages or a la carte to suit your needs.


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