IT Strategic Planning

A clear game plan on how to use your technology to meet business goals.


Stop frantically treading water & create a clear technology strategy for your business.

Most business technology falls woefully short. You’re paddling in place, solving issues as they arise without ever moving forward.

Here’s why: businesses don’t utilize technology properly. Most don’t know where or when to invest in IT resources.

The result are expensive IT environments that are costly to maintain and don’t provide much benefit.

That’s why we created a new kind of IT support.

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The project went exactly as planned — better even. We hit all the goals we were aiming for, and we’re already experiencing a significant return on the investment. Helixstorm was great to work with because they understood our business goals and what we needed to grow from a technology perspective. We knew we could trust them to do everything – from the hardware to the software to the planning.

Peter McAneny

What is IT Strategy?

You’ve heard it so much at this point it’s probably a buzzword. Or it’s an Excel sheet sitting somewhere on your computer that’s been dormant for months.

An IT strategy is a plan of goals and tactics for technology in your organization. It outlines how to use technology to meet business goals. It also includes where and how to invest in technology.

IT strategy is one of the biggest benefits of having a managed services partner.

You get access to a CIO-level team of technical experts with decades of experience — at a fraction of the cost.

With your managed IT services partner, you’ll get a custom IT plan including:

  • Top Business Priorities
  • Technology Solution
  • Timeline
  • Budget

You Haven’t Seen IT Strategy Done Like This

We know what you’re thinking. You’ll shell out money to receive a one-time document that’ll sit on a shared file somewhere, never to be seen again.



We go beyond the break-fix model to address the systemic technology issues that are holding your business back. We’ll help you articulate and build an IT environment that actually makes sense for your business.
Plus, we make the process enjoyable, with real-time reporting, clear objectives, and a friendly team of technicians and engineers you’ll love working with. (We guarantee your last IT guy didn’t do it like this.)


Strategy Should Be Actionable

No B.S. We’ll help you maximize what you currently have, identify and fix gaps, minimize security risk and build you a step-by-step plan for your technology future. (Without any of that vague IT jargon no one understands.)


Leave It To Us

We bring a human touch and decades of experience to every partnership. The result? A clear IT strategy that solves your immediate headaches and gives you a strong plan to scale your business in the future.

  • Future-Focused IT Strategy
  • Best-In-Class Software
  • 24/7 Proactive Maintenance
  • Secure Foundation
  • Stress-Free IT

What to Expect With Helixstorm Managed IT Services

We believe technology is a powerful tool to reach your business goals.

At Helixstorm, we’re the business AND technology partner you’re looking for. We provide clients with comprehensive technical resources to keep their business relevant, secure and future-focused.


We break down our managed IT services in four categories:



Strategy and Program Management

We begin every relationship with a comprehensive audit to understand your current computing environment. Once we complete the audit, we present you with a document outlining our findings and recommendations for addressing gaps and risks.

  • Assigned executive sponsor
  • Assigned technical account manager
  • Initial network audit, analysis and recommendations
  • Regular strategy meetings



Infrastructure Management and Technical Support

All the planning in the world won’t help you if you don’t have a solid foundation. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) proactively maintains and tunes your network to keep everything running in top shape.

  • Infrastructure management
  • Proactive system and software maintenance
  • Networking – local and remote support
  • Critical hardware, service and system monitoring



Proactive and Reactive Support

Relationships are our top priority. You will be assigned a dedicated Technical Account Coordinator, a senior member of the Helixstorm team who will act as your primary point person and advocate for your success. You’ll also be supported by an experienced team of systems engineers and network professionals who provide 24/7 onsite and remote support.

  • Assigned account specialist
  • Ongoing account management
  • Help Desk
  • Remote/onsite break/fix support

Why Choose Helixstorm for IT Strategy Services

“Do It Today (Not Tomorrow)” Philosophy

We have a proven track record of responding to emergencies and putting out (metaphorical) fires.

Response Time Objectives: We respond to all calls within 15 minutes, respond to all emails within one hour and respond to after-hours support calls within two hours.

Resolution Objectives: We resolve 85% of tickets within one hour from the moment we begin working on them. Across our entire customer base, 90% of tickets close on the same day.


Relationships First

We aren’t interested in shallow customer service engagements. We take relationships seriously, and we want to get to know you and your business goals.

We put relationships first – That’s why we’ve worked with some of our clients for more than a decade.


We solve your pressing tech issues, but we don’t tackle IT in a silo. We keep your business goals front and center to ensure we fix the problems that affect you every day. Technology is the fuel that gets you where you want to go.



Solving immediate tech issues will patch holes today, but a short-term solution doesn’t set you up for future success. We work with you to create a foolproof technology roadmap that serves your business now AND in the future.

Future-proof your business with IT strategy from Helixstorm.

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