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As a leading provider of managed IT solutions, Helixstorm offers the breadth and depth of services needed to support your business goals now and in the future.

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HelixStorm solves your IT problems

Helixstorm’s Three Lines of Defense

Your 1st Line
of Defense



Managed Network Monitoring and Maintenance

Detecting system vulnerabilities helps deflect issues before they become problems. Stop putting out IT fires and start growing your business with our custom-managed IT support plans.

Your 2nd Line
of Defense



User Education and

Requiring user education and accountability are crucial in securing your systems and valuable data. Help avoid compromise by training users to identify and handle potentially harmful situations.

Your 3rd Line
of Defense



Backup As a
Service (BaaS)

Protecting critical data from power failures, ransomware, or natural disasters ensures its safety. Our best-in-class backup solution restores your data to RTO or RPO objectives and provides business continuity.


Helixstorm Managed IT Services

Helixstorm is the technology and business partner your company needs to stay relevant and secure.

We offer a full range of technical resources along with the expertise to help you address current challenges with a future-focused mindset.


Strategy and Program Management

We begin every relationship with a comprehensive audit to understand your current computing environment, then present our recommendations for addressing gaps and risks.

  • Assigned executive sponsor and technical account manager

  • Initial network audit, analysis and recommendations

  • Regular strategy meetings

Infrastructure Management and Technical Support

Every successful system needs a solid foundation. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) proactively maintains and tunes your network to keep everything running in top shape.

  • Proactive system and software maintenance

  • Local and remote network support

  • Critical hardware, service and system monitoring


Proactive (and Reactive) Support

Relationships are our top priority. You’ll be supported by an experienced team of systems engineers and network professionals who provide 24/7 onsite and remote support.

  • Assigned account specialist

  • Help Desk

  • Remote/onsite break/fix support

Build Your
Technology Future

Translate your business needs into an IT environment that works with you, not against you. We’ll help you create an IT strategy overview that lays out a clear plan of where you’d like to go and how technology can get you there.



Managed IT Services

When you partner with Helixstorm, you get a broad range of services that solve your immediate headaches and build a strong technology foundation.

Why choose helixstorm
for Managed Services?

We’re your technology and business partner

Helixstorm is the technology and business partner your company needs to stay relevant and secure. We offer a full range of technical resources along with the expertise to help you address current challenges with a future-focused mindset.

  • Skillset and Experience

    Drawing on decades of experience, our core team of technology strategists tackles present-day challenges while keeping future considerations in mind.

  • Breadth and Depth of Services

    From business planning to goal setting and forecasting, our team works closely with yours to provide a comprehensive understanding of your business that anticipates future technology needs and helps you achieve your goals.

  • Industry Connections

    Although we have a highly skilled team, we are not afraid to seek external expertise when necessary. We are committed to getting the job done, even if that means bringing in outside experts.

  • Problem-Solving Skills

    We approach customer challenges with enthusiasm and work closely with you to develop a plan that will help you emerge stronger and more secure. Our goal is to support you through difficult times and help you build resilience.

  • Relationship Focus

    Our commitment to transparency and open communication helps us cultivate long-lasting customer relationships. In fact, we have worked with some of the same clients for over a decade.


Supported. Secure. Strategic.

Get peace of mind with a security-focused IT mindset and proactive monitoring. Learn more about Helixstorm’s Managed IT Services today.