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5 Steps for a Successful Office 365 Migration Plan

Switching to Office 365 has its benefits — a successful migration can boost productivity and reduce costs. But getting there? You need a solid Office 365 migration plan. Whether you’re migrating your entire operation to the cloud or require a hybrid IT solution, you need a seamless transition and improved user experience to realize the… Read More

Sticker Shock: How Much Does Good IT Support Cost?

It’s a question that stumps every business owner — why does IT cost so much? The answer is deceivingly simple. Most business owners don’t know how much it should cost to begin with. If you’re not in the IT field, it’s easy to underestimate the power of a stable, strategic IT environment. Great IT means… Read More

Why Your Business Needs a Network IT Assessment

Many businesses let their IT equipment run on fumes until it quits or breaks down. Then, it’s a frantic scramble to get it back up and running again, resulting in considerable productivity losses and IT costs.    We get it. If your IT is chugging along just fine, why mess with it?  But investing in a robust IT strategy and regular, consistent maintenance… Read More

Making A Temecula Disaster Recovery Plan To Prevent Losses During A Disaster

Creating a disaster recovery plan is easy to put off. It’s something you should do, but not as crucial as that urgent client matter that you were supposed to finish yesterday. But all Temecula businesses need to create a disaster recovery plan to protect their business. (Just look at the devastating effects of the recent… Read More

Patch Management Temecula: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and VMware Patch for Spectre and Meltdown

The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities are putting businesses at risk worldwide — including your Temecula business. Here’s the latest update on Spectre and Meltdown, what you should do to protect your business and why patch management is so critical to cyber security today. What Are Spectre and Meltdown? Spectre and Meltdown are variations of the… Read More

Mobile Device Management Temecula: Why You Need An MDM Policy

Laptops, iPhones and tablets enable employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection. They make us more productive and efficient. They’re also a huge security risk. Why Mobile Device Management Is Important for Temecula Businesses Increasing productivity is great. But accessing company information from nearly any mobile device puts your business at risk if… Read More

Break-Fix vs. Managed Services: What You Need to Know For Your Temecula Business

Are you constantly dealing with computer problems? Are slow computers or an unreliable network hurting productivity? Or is your IT company taking forever to respond? We see countless businesses repeatedly run into the same issues when looking for Temecula IT support: They don’t understand who they’re hiring. There are several types of IT companies that… Read More

PCI DSS: Understanding Credit Card Compliance Requirements for Your Temecula Business

When you think data breaches, you typically think of huge brands. Target. Experian. This doesn’t happen to small businesses right? Wrong. Just because you don’t see it splashed across headlines doesn’t mean smaller businesses don’t get hacked. And it can cost your business big time. IBM research estimates that every compromised record (whether health, payment… Read More

Comparing Temecula Cloud Services Providers? Ask These 6 Questions

You know that moving servers, applications and workloads to the cloud can save you time, money and maintenance headaches. But to optimize costs and maintain performance levels, you need a cloud road map and the right technical expertise. That’s where a Temecula cloud services provider can help. Claim your free Network & Security Assessment today…. Read More

Password Policy Best Practices Temecula Businesses Can Implement Today

It seems simple. Passwords protect your business, customer information and financial data — all sensitive information that needs to be secured. But many company password policies fall short. Or even worse, they don’t have one at all. You need a strong password policy to prevent passwords from being cracked. Here are password policy best practices… Read More

Case Study: O'Neill

Discover how Helixstorm resolved performance and security issues, reduced time-intensive server maintenance and implemented disaster recovery for O'Neill.


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