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How Multi-Factor Authentication Protects Your Business

When it comes to cybersecurity, protecting your accounts from unauthorized access is a basic but crucial step. Multi-factor authentication, or “MFA” for short, requires additional identity verification forms to decrease the likelihood of cyberattacks. According to Microsoft, 99.9 percent of attacks can be prevented by adding multi-factor authentication. MFA adds another layer of security to… Read More

IT Compliance: What You Need to Know in 2021

IT compliance is a priority for businesses that use technology to provide services to their clients. Failing to meet IT compliance requirements can cost your company millions of dollars — or put you out of business entirely. Although many laws are mandatory, they also include best practices for information security that can benefit your organization… Read More

What the Heck is Nimble Storage? 5 Benefits You Should Know

When you’re in business growth mode, you need to plan how you will scale your assets without going over budget. For small businesses looking for ways to reduce storage costs while optimizing company performance, HPE’s Nimble Storage might be the right solution. From integrated backup and disaster recovery to painless IT operations, Nimble Storage offers… Read More

What Do MSPs Do? How An MSP Can Become Your Company’s BFF

Have you considered outsourcing your company’s IT support needs to an MSP (managed services provider) but found yourself wondering, “How does an MSP work?” A trusted MSP could make your IT operations more efficient, reliable and scalable — and it just might become your business’s new best friend. Today we’ll go over what MSPs do,… Read More

On-Premises Vs. Cloud Storage: Which Is Better?

What’s better: on-premises or cloud storage? Regardless of the industry you’re in, your business most likely relies on data in its daily operations. While many established companies are considering transitioning from on-premises storage to the cloud, newer companies also wonder if they could benefit from investing in on-premises storage. Both options offer unique advantages, but… Read More

12 Types of Phishing Attacks to Watch Out For

Although many tech-savvy people think they can spot a malicious email, phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated every day. According to Verizon, nearly one-third of all data breaches involved some type of phishing attack.  Knowing how to spot phishing emails can be your best line of defense against increasingly complex email scams. In this article,… Read More

6 Ways to Reduce Telecommunications Costs Effectively

Did you know most enterprises overspend on telecommunication services by 30% or more? Companies often spend tons of money on telecommunications without realizing what they are paying for. Telecommunications cost management is notoriously difficult, and it can be time-consuming to track cost and usage on voice, data and network services. How does your organization manage… Read More

11 Steps for Designing a Foolproof Disaster Recovery Plan

Natural disasters and cyber threats can wreak havoc on your business. But what about theft, equipment failure or prolonged power outages?  There’s no end to the events that could cause extended downtime and significant revenue losses. Having a foolproof disaster recovery plan helps mitigate business disruptions and gets you back up and running faster. You… Read More

How to Conduct an Efficient Zoom Meeting: 8 Best Practices

As remote workers have become more commonplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, so have Zoom meetings. While the quality of remote meetings has come a long way, companies still struggle to keep attendees engaged and utilize the technology properly. If you’re responsible for leading Zoom meetings, you may be apprehensive about configuring meeting settings and making… Read More

9 Patch Management Best Practices

Implementing software patches can be tedious. But effective patch management processes can make or break your system security. 57% of cyberattack victims report that installing available software patches could have prevented a breach.  The National Security Agency highlighted the importance of using good patch management when it found a critical security flaw in the Windows… Read More