A Guide to Licensing Veeam Backup Agents Through VSPC

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Managing and licensing Veeam backup agents efficiently is essential for businesses to ensure the protection of their critical data. In some cases, when Veeam agents for Windows/Linux are not managed by a Veeam backup server or licensed as standalone agents, they need to be licensed through the Veeam Service Provider Console (VSPC)

This blog post will serve as a step-by-step Veeam licensing guide and will walk you through the process of manually licensing Veeam backup agents through VSPC using a solution recommended by Veeam.

Veeam Licensing Explained

Before we dive into the process of licensing Veeam backup agents through VSPC, let’s take a moment to understand Veeam’s licensing model. Veeam offers various licensing options for their backup solutions, catering to the diverse needs of businesses. The two primary licensing models are:

Veeam Backup & Replication

This model is suitable for environments where Veeam Backup & Replication is deployed as a central management platform. In this setup, Veeam Agents for Windows/Linux are typically licensed through the Veeam Backup & Replication server, providing centralized monitoring and management.

Veeam Service Provider Console (VSPC)

VSPC is designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and provides a unified platform for managing multiple customer environments. When Veeam agents are not managed by a Veeam Backup & Replication server and are used independently in unmanaged mode, they need to be licensed through VSPC.

How to License Veeam Backup Agents Through VSPC

Now, let’s proceed with the steps to license Veeam backup agents through VSPC:

1. Configure the VSPC Pulse Integration

Before proceeding with licensing the Veeam backup agents, ensure that the VSPC Pulse Integration is properly configured. This integration enables seamless communication between VSPC and the backup agents, making the licensing process more efficient and accurate.

2. Assign Agents to the Correct Customer in VSPC

To properly license the Veeam backup agents, they need to be associated with the relevant customer accounts in VSPC. This can be achieved by using the appropriate tenant credentials when connecting the backup agent to the service provider.

3. Request a New License through Pulse Portal

Once the agents are correctly assigned, navigate to the Pulse Portal to manage the licenses. Request a new license and do not assign it to a customer. Choose the Veeam agent as your product, and license the required number of server and workstation workloads.

VSPC license requests tab
Veeam agent selected products

After you click submit you will be able to download this license. Next, we will install it in place of our existing VSPC license.

4. Download and Install the License

After submitting the license request, download the generated license file. This file will replace the existing VSPC license and activate the licenses for the backup agents. In the VSPC, navigate to the configuration and licensing section. Click on your license status and choose the “install license” option. Point the installation process to the license file downloaded earlier. Once completed, the VSPC should display the updated number of available licenses.

Veeam licensing explained in Helixstorm dashboard

5. Billing and Recognition

With the Veeam agents now correctly licensed through VSPC, the Pulse integration will recognize them as part of the respective customer’s environment. Billing for these agents will be appropriately allocated to the relevant customers, ensuring transparent and accurate accounting.

Simplify Troubleshooting with Helixstorm

Effectively licensing Veeam backup agents is vital for any business utilizing VSPC. By following the outlined steps, you can efficiently manage your agents, ensure data protection, and provide reliable backup solutions to your customers. 

Although the current limitation in VSPC version 7 requires this workaround, Veeam is actively working to address this issue in future releases. If you follow these steps and need additional support, try referencing case number 06086574 with Veeam support.

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