Office 365: 5 ways to increase your team’s productivity


How can an Office 365 make my business run smoother, we already have all the Microsoft applications from the last release Outlook, Work, Excel, and PowerPoint? We get this question from business owners, managers, and many users who want to know why they should migrate to Office 365. Office 365 gives your team access to applications that allow collaboration and communication in real time from anywhere in the world using any computer or device.

Find out 5 areas that Office 365 can increase your company’s productivity.

1. Availability

Each user is able to sync Office 365 applications with up to 5 devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. This gives your team the option to check emails, attend video-conferences or work on projects from their desk, home, car, or favorite coffee shop. Instead of only being able to access Microsoft apps one designated computer, you are able to download them to multiple devices or use them on any web browser. Allowing your team to access documents from everywhere and pick up where they left off from one device to another.

2. Collaboration – Team Work

Office 365 gives your team multiple avenues to plan, create, and communicate without being in the same room.

  • Plan projects with shared calendars, task lists, and other tools
  • Connect and create with SharePoint’s co-authoring, which allows multiple users to edit one document simultaneously and view changes as they happen.
  • Yammer creates engagement with your team on a social level by posting updates, polls, images, and more…it’s like an internal Facebook. Organizations using social technologies see a 37% improvement in project collaboration.
  • Skype for Business allows teams to chat with each other, conduct video conferences and share their screen making it easy to work on projects with their team from different computers, offices, or states.
  • Office 365 supports mobility of your team, so it doesn’t matter if your team members are working from the web, desktop, or mobility device all applications are compatible with each platform, and since your documents are saved in the cloud they are automatically updated to the newest version and available from any device.

3. Never out of date

Technology is constantly changing – you buy the newest phone or laptop and a month later it is out of date, BUT with Office 365 you don’t have to worry about that because you are able to download the newest version as soon as it is available. There is no cost to upgrade and you always have the latest version of applications and software available.

4. More STORAGE than you can imagine

Office 365 offers storage, storage, and more storage. Each user receives 50 GB of mailbox storage and 1 TB of personal file storage…that’s 500 hours of movies, 200,000 photos or 17,000 hours of music. Using OneDrive your files, emails, and projects are available to access 24/7/365, so you’re able to meet your deadline no matter what time it is or where you are in the world. All date is encrypted and stored on Microsoft’s secure servers protected with threat management and security monitoring. Which means you will no longer need to have a physical onsite server.

5. Less Travel

No need for unnecessary traveling…we all know meetings are a very important part of business so teams can strategize, share information, and brainstorm but with tools like Skype for Business your team can have video calls allowing everyone to be in the same room without even being on the same continent. It costs businesses $37 billion annually for unnecessary and unproductive meetings; Office 365 tools allow employees to chat quickly with skype or co-author documents from their own offices lowering the number of meetings employees must attend.

Bonus: Flexibility

Microsoft offers a variety of plans for you to choose from…so you can find the right one for your business size and needs. The administration access makes it easy to add or remove users as your business scales up or down.