Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a critical component to your IT strategy because it keeps your systems running and your company productive despite disruptive events that may be raging around you. In order to protect your organization from natural disasters, power failures, theft, and equipment crashes, your technology must be configured in a way that protects your data from things out of your control.

When organizations implement a Disaster Recovery solution, the primary and remote sites are typically in separate geographic regions. This allows your organization the ability to manage risks and reduce business process downtime through an integrated approach. It is a cost-effective way to recover from any service interruption, as well as prevent most from occurring in the first place.


Off-site Replication

Helixstorm understands that to have a true disaster recovery plan in place for your IT department, off-site replication is necessary. This is why we keep an identical copy of stored data at another location. If your building or data center were to experience a devastating event, we ensure nothing is lost with our innovative replication procedures.


D2D Backups, Onsite

With Disk to Disk (D2D) back up, one computer hard drive is back up to another hard disk. This enables multiple back-ups and recovery operations to concurrently access the disk directly. The back-up is fast and has a high capacity, with a low cost of ownership and non-linear recovery of data. Helixstorm combines this with off-site replication to protect your data from disaster and keep your critical systems up and running.

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