Storage Arrays

Storage is one of the main facets of the enterprise data center. Much like the data it contains, it is diverse and constantly in flux. Helixstorm offers a variety of storage solutions that are optimized and fulfill all the technical and business requirements of your enterprise. Our solutions offer double density and high availability, as well as disaster recovery and consolidation to improve the storage structure of your enterprise.


Storage Area Networks (SAN)

Helixstorm specializes in Storage Area Networks (SAN). Using EVA, 3PAR, and Lefthand hardware, we have architected and deployed many of these solutions to our customers nation-wide, and are skilled in finding the right combination of technology and scalability for your environment. Along with being a strong storage solution, SANs give your data center the ability to be high availability and have a strong disaster recovery presence.


Network Attached Storage (NFS)

Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Network File Storage (NFS) are distributed file systems that allow users to access files over a network in a way similar to how local storage in accessed. With our certified and experienced engineers, Helixstorm offers solutions that are as flexible as if the storage was locally hosted.


Direct Attached Storage

Helixstorm specializes in solutions where Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is part of the enterprise data center. With ports connecting to multiple computers, we leverage technology from Dell and HP to maximize the DAS storage and connectivity with the host bus adapter (HBA).


Disk to Disk Storage

Disk to Disk (D2D) storage solutions maximize on the fastest and most consistent way to back up date- from disk instead of tape. Using solutions like StoreOnce, Helixstorm is able to speed up your recovery time and reliably back-up your mission-critical data.