12 Best Remote IT Support Tools in the Work-From-Home Era

The 12 Best Remote IT Support Tools in the Work-From-Home Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of people to work from home. Thousands of businesses have shifted their operations online – many of them permanently. 

As a result, many companies’ VPNs (virtual private networks) are overloaded and outdated, causing lags that negatively affect productivity. And companies are quickly realizing that providing IT support to remote workers brings a whole new onslaught of challenges.  

Thankfully, there are dozens of remote IT support tools available to help you wrangle your technology and support your remote users. Today, we’ll discuss the best remote IT support tools in the work-from-home era to help you provide top-notch IT resources to employees. 

What Is Remote Access Software?

Remote access software lets users or administrators “take over” a computer as if they were sitting in front of it themselves. This enables users to access programs and files from their office computer while working from home or traveling with laptops anywhere in the world.

Accessing files directly from their source eliminates emailing or using other kinds of file transfer, keeping data safe and secure.

Remote support tools also come in handy when troubleshooting technical problems remotely. 

Rather than talking through steps with a frustrated user, an administrator can log in and take over their computer through remote access software. This is a huge timesaver and can alleviate technical and security problems created by inexperienced users.

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The Best Remote IT Support Tools

Here are our picks for the best remote support tools:

  1. RemotePC
  2. ZohoAssist
  3. BeyondTrust
  4. ConnectWise Control
  5. Parallels RAS
  6. Amazon WorkSpaces
  7. GoToMyPC
  8. Splashtop
  9. VNC Connect
  10. LogMeIn
  11. TeamViewer
  12. Dameware Remote Everywhere


RemotePC allows you to access your computer from any device, anytime or anywhere. Manage files, print documents and transfer data remotely.


  • Access from any iOS or Android device
  • Connect to computers via web browser
  • Drag and drop to transfer files/folders
  • Chat during remote sessions
  • Record your remote sessions


Zoho Assist is cloud-based remote support and remote access software that helps you support customers or employees from a distance through web-based, on-demand remote support sessions. Establish secure connections and offer users remote support solutions in just a few seconds.


  • File transfer
  • Voice and video chat
  • Reboot and reconnect
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Schedule sessions


BeyondTrust remote support works across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome OS. Access and control any remote computer or device, on or off the network – no VPN required.


  • Remote access and control
  • Customization and branding
  • Team and permissions administration
  • Audit and compliance
  • Custom integrations

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control offers full remote control capabilities designed for help-desk style services, delivering on-demand remote issue resolution from anywhere. 


  • Windows and forms authentication
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Session timeout
  • Restrict login by IP
  • Advanced reporting

Parallels RAS

Parallels RAS (Remote Application Server) is a streamlined remote working solution that provides secure access to virtual desktops and applications.


  • Enhanced data security
  • IT agility and business readiness
  • Built-in load balancer 
  • Peripheral redirection 
  • Printing from any device 

Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces offers an easy solution to provide a secure, managed, cloud-based virtual desktop experience to remote users. 


  • Easy provisioning
  • Secure and encrypted
  • Desktop, mobile, and web access
  • Persistent storage
  • Active directory


GoToMyPC allows you to quickly log in and connect to your host computer from any remote computer, iPad, iPhone Android or Kindle device.


  • Easy installation and remote deployment
  • File transfer
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Copy and paste
  • Sound


Splashtop provides remote desktop for business professionals and teams. Work remotely from an unlimited number of computers, tablets, or smartphones using Splashtop’s remote desktop apps. 


  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • File transfer (including drag-and-drop)
  • Remote print, wake and reboot
  • Chat
  • Multi-monitor support (including multi-to-multi)

VNC Connect

VNC Connect features high-speed streaming for fast remote access experience. One benefit of VNC Connect is that they offer a single subscription that covers every remote access use case. You won’t need to purchase, deploy and manage separate products or modules.


  • File transfer, printing and chat
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Direct and cloud connectivity
  • Attended and unattended access
  • Rich session permissions


LogMeIn is a popular professional-level remote access app for Windows and macOS PCs that safely maintains your day-to-day operations.


  • Secure remote access 
  • Easily locate, share and collaborate on files
  • Conveniently print documents to the nearest local printer
  • Complimentary access to LastPass Premium to store passwords
  • Multi-monitor display


Maximize remote workforce productivity with TeamViewer remote access and support. Enable dispersed teams to remote into the devices they need, the moment they need them – without requiring a VPN.


  • Cross-platform and mobile device access
  • iOS screen sharing
  • Wake up, restart and install
  • Flexible file sharing options
  • Remote printing

Dameware Remote Everywhere

Dameware Remote Everywhere is a fast simple cloud-based remote support product, accessible from almost anywhere with an internet connection.


  • Fast, easy remote control
  • Secure remote support that includes multi-factor authentication and advanced encryption
  • Essential endpoint support for desktops and mobile devices
  • Supports multiple languages

The Easiest Way to Secure and Manage Your Remote Workforce

Providing technology and remote working tools to your employees is a great way to keep productivity high and data safe. But the learning curve on technical solutions like remote access software can be steep. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of remote support tools available, no need to fear. Helixstorm specializes in managed IT support services that ease the burden of day-to-day IT management. A big piece of what we do includes helping businesses determine which IT solutions they need and how to create an efficient, affordable technology stack.  

Instead of you investing in costly infrastructure, staff and technology, Helixstorm does the heavy lifting for you. You get access to a team of technical experts with decades of experience — at a fraction of the cost.

At Helixstorm, our team of managed IT support experts will recommend the best technology stack to support your workforce, wherever they’re located. We install remote access software on every device to maintain full visibility into software updates and security threats and troubleshoot issues fast. 

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