Virtualize Your Servers: Free Up Resources and Budget

Virtualize Your Servers

Need to update your technology, but have no budget to do it with?

We see this situation all the time. IT professionals are given the task of improving performance and increasing system capabilities, but without the benefit of sufficient budget to increase or even update existing hardware. It seems like an impossible task to execute- but with virtualization technology it’s definitely do-able.

Server virtualization technology has been around for a few years. It utilizes special software to divide physical servers into multiple isolated virtual environments. These environments are virtual servers- and they have all the capabilities of physical equipment, they just come without the cost of net new hardware.

Virtualizing your servers allows you to reduce capital and operational costs within your organization, gives you the flexibility to maintain your infrastructure without disrupting applications of IT service, and it makes your environment scalable and automated. It’s a perfect solution for any company- and a great way to increase functionality when replacing or updating your server technology just isn’t an option.