Disaster Recovery

What is Patch Management? Unpacking the Essentials

Unpatched vulnerabilities are among the leading causes of cybercrime. What’s worse, attacks on unpatched systems are more devastating than other kinds of breaches, costing 54% more on average than user errors or other cybersecurity incidents. It’s why patch management is essential to every security—and IT—deployment. Patch management is the practice of keeping hardware and software… Read More

The Importance of Data Encryption in Backup and Recovery

Organizations today face more cybersecurity risks than ever before—both in the volume of criminal attempts and the diversity of threats. Whether it’s a basic phishing scheme that targets employee credentials or a more complex approach that utilizes modern AI technology, the objective of these cyber threats is always the same. Cybercriminals seek to steal sensitive… Read More

Choosing the Right Defense: 7 Types of Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is crucial to helping businesses achieve a strong cybersecurity posture year-round. With thousands of endpoints connected to their networks, large organizations must  safeguard them from security risks and vulnerabilities. Yet, with so many types of endpoint security, it may be confusing to know which solutions to invest in.  Each type of endpoint security… Read More

How to Recover From a Ransomware Attack

The global rise in ransomware attacks means businesses must proactively protect themselves from the impact of these threats, which may include data losses and disruptions in business operations. In 2021, ransomware incidents were reported across 14 sectors within both the private and public domains in the United States, suggesting any organization can be at risk… Read More

Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies: Safeguarding Your Business

From financial investments to legal challenges, every business takes on some level of risk. While it’s impossible to completely avoid all potential threats, forward-thinking companies can take the initiative to identify and mitigate the most pressing risks before they become significant (read: costly) issues.  Put simply, by making risk mitigation strategies part of your standard… Read More

Presentation: How Data Backups can Save Your Business

Thank you for downloading this presentation. We think you’ll find this a valuable session. We’re especially excited to share: The Top 10 Reasons for backing up your data A 7-step data backup plan Listen to “Backup Webcast Audio” Now.