I’m a Business Owner

I’m a Business Owner

As a business owner, you need your technology to just work.

You can’t afford to spend 3 hours a day troubleshooting an internet connection. You certainly don’t have the time to deal with slow desktops. And the last thing you need is to find your latest computer virus came from an unpatched server- which you didn’t have time to update.

Here at Helixstorm, we understand that. And we make it possible for you to do what you do best- run your business. We offer three low-cost IT management plans that will take care of your computer and system needs. And the best part? You’ll get award-winning IT care (yep- we’re one of the top 250 managed IT service providers in the country) and only a fraction of what it would be to hire an in-house resource or a break-fix solution.

So check out these resources for more information. When you’re ready to talk about your company computers, we’re here for you.


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