Managed Data Backups

Tired of worrying about your data and if you have a good backup to work from in case of a natural disaster or other business emergency?

Helixstorm has the solution for you.

Backing up your data is a vital part of your IT management. In case of a server crash, a natural disaster, a power outage, etc., you need to be able to get your data up and running again fast. Helixstorm data backup plans take care of the tedious complexities of backing up data- all while driving costs down.

Helixstorm will help you:

  • secure your data with encryption from transfer to storage.
  • predict costs by offering a flat-rate monthly plan. No more unexpected labor costs when associated with tedious data backups- it’s all included in our service plans.
  • be more efficient with increased LAN speed. Our backups include deduplication and compression of data, which reduces your storage footprint.
  • prepare for possible disasters with multiple backups and offsite replication to the Helixstorm cloud.
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