Helixstorm Creates Private Cloud Solution for Small Businesses

Los Angeles – June 15st, 2011Helixstorm an award winning national technical consulting firm announced a new Cloud Computing solution for small and mid sized businesses.

“Cloud computing will have an immense impact on traditional IT as we know it today, explains Eric Henry CTO of Helixstorm. Gartner analysts have been widely quoted that overall Cloud Services markets is expected to nearly triple in size to 149 billion in revenue by 2014. This will be a paradigm shift and IT can end up becoming a utility model. Customers can just pay a low monthly fixed fee for all their technology needs. Furthermore Gartner also predicts that by the end of 2012, 20% of businesses will no longer own IT assets.”

Due to privacy and control concerns Helixstorm is focused on private Cloud solutions. In a private Cloud, services are provided only to specific users, such as a cloud within a company. Services are still requested over the internet or using internet technology within a corporate network, and the underlying resources are shared, but only within a company well defined entity. Private cloud can deliver a similar level of economic benefit and flexibility as other cloud offerings. And reside behind corporate firewalls, mitigating public cloud concerns over data security, governance and so on.

Pricing is extremely affordable and in many cases less expensive than traditional purchasing today. Prices start as low as $150 per user, per month for a fully managed windows 7 desktop including Microsoft office.

The basic building blocks of the InCloud Computing solution are cloud servers (CS). Each cloud server is a complete system consisting of processing capacity (CPU, memory), advanced storage and virtualization technology. A customer can start with one cloud server and then add more as further processing and/or storage capacity is needed. Multiple cloud servers combine to form a highly redundant computing grid which can be used for running virtual machines, providing business continuity as well as Direct Attached Storage all at the same time.

Helixstorm provides a number of add-ons around the core InCloud Computing like HelixMIRROR – A lightweight software agent that provides customers the ability to mirror the contents of a server or desktop to the InCloud with an RPO of less than 30 seconds. Other features like Rich Zero Clients, Offsite Replication, Power Management, Application Management, and 7/24 Helpdesk Support.


About Helixstorm

Helixstorm is a nationwide, full-service, award winning IT Engineering Firm dedicated to helping our clients leverage proven technology to better align their computing environment with their business needs. With over 3500 engineers nationally, Helixstorm consulting team has 4 practice areas: Virtualization, Storage/Server, Datacenter and Managed Services. This hands-on experience allows us to recommend and implement best-of-breed solutions for our clients with confidence. Our partnerships include Hewlett Packard, DataCore Software, VMware, Dell and other leading hardware and software manufacturers. Visit www.helixstorm.com for more information.