Remote Care Plan

24/7 monitoring & support

  • Our advanced monitoring system proactively manages your network while you’re snuggled up in bed dreaming or lying on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. If an issue is detected, our engineering team is alerted and will remediate the issue reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Business Continuity

  • We plan and prepare your infrastructure to seamlessly operate despite serious incidents or disasters. We produce usable backups to ensure business continuity.

Reduced Costs and Predictable Budget

  • 50% of all companies reduced IT costs more than 25% after moving to managed IT services. Our services are all-inclusive. No more signing a check at the end of the month for an additional invoice on covered services. Easily budget your monthly IT costs with our straight forward pricing. No term or cancellation fee.


  • Achieve peace of mind knowing your IT environment and infrastructure are proactively maintained by skilled technical specialists. Don’t worry about maintaining IT hardware, managing on-site data center, or monitoring your applications.

Optimized Network

  • We proactively fill security gaps and apply updates to your computing systems. Managed anti-virus and anti-malware are included, keeping your network healthy.

Help Desk

  • We all know technology is a blessing and a curse. Our goal is to take frustration out of the equation. When your team needs help, we’re here to pick up the phone and walk you through anything. Your experience is our priority.


Proactive Technology Management

No Plan
Remote Care
24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

Client Support Portal.  

Patch Management

Licensed Anti-Virus Software and Updates

Licensed Spyware Software and Updates

Asset Management

Print Management

Threat Management and Prevention Services


Mobile Device Management

Reactive Support Services

No Plan
Remote Care
Reactive Support of Existing Environment

Help Desk Services


Moves, Adds or Changes


After-hours Emergency Response


Emergency Response Time
8 hours

4 hours

Standard Response Time
24 hours

8 hours

Onsite Support
4 hour min

2 hour min

Phone and Remote Support Sessions
$50/15 minutes

$30/15 minutes

Virus Removal

Spyware Removal

Hardware Repair

First Priority Response

Technology Consulting

No Plan
Remote Care
 Vendor Management

Vendor Support Contract Review

Budget Planning

vCIO and Roadmap Services

Quarterly Review

Additional Services

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