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Proactive Managed IT Services for San Diego Companies

San Diego Managed IT Serivces

Solve Your IT Issues with San Diego Managed IT Services.

IT issues are more than an inconvenience — they waste time, energy and money. When mismanaged, IT infrastructure can become a constant headache and a direct hit to your bottom line.

Managed IT services enables San Diego businesses to reduce technology costs, secure their organization and solve recurring IT headaches once and for all.

With Helixstorm, you get proactive, data-driven IT support and unparalleled customer service — all within your budget.

Find out how our San Diego IT support plans can help you solve your everyday tech challenges and bring you peace of mind.

Here’s what our San Diego managed IT services clients typically see:

Issues Resolved on First Contact

Avg. ticket response time

Avg. resolution time

System uptime

Proactive Managed IT Services For San Diego Companies


24/7 Monitoring & Detection

Get constant critical updates and management on your hardware, networks, systems, and workstations to prevent issues before they become a problem.


IT Help Desk Support

Slow desktop? Trouble logging in? Get your IT issues resolved promptly. You can even access custom dashboards to monitor ticket requests. Helixstorm’s help technicians are on call 24/7 to assist your entire staff.


Strategic Planning

You’ll meet with an executive sponsor and dedicated technical account manager regularly to discuss your future IT strategy and any specialized projects.


IT Compliance

Need to comply with HIPAA, PCI, FERC or other industry standards? We’ll help you understand and comply with industry compliance and regulations so you can confidently grow your business.


Business Continuity

We conduct regular backups, create data retention policies and implement a business continuity plan to keep your operations up and running in the event of a disaster.


Cyber Security

Receive ongoing anti-virus software updates and consistent patch management to secure your San Diego IT environment.

Solve Your IT Headaches With Helixstorm’s San Diego IT Support

Are you always struggling with your Wi-Fi? Fed up with slow computers? Not sure you have a solid disaster recovery plan in place?

Wasting time trying to solve IT issues with no real, lasting solution?

Luckily, there’s an easier path to better IT support for your San Diego company.

Peace of mind

Alleviate stress and risk of unmanaged IT

Increased Growth

Scale confidently and cost-effectively

Prevent downtime

Protect your business from unexpected downtime


The project went exactly as planned — better even. We hit all the goals we were aiming for, and we’re already experiencing a significant return on the investment. Helixstorm was great to work with because they understood our business goals and what we needed to grow from a technology perspective. We knew we could trust them to do everything – from the hardware to the software to the planning.

Peter McAneny

Benefits of Helixstorm’s San Diego IT Support

At Helixstorm we pride ourselves on our customer service and technical expertise. Here’s where we shine compared to other San Diego managed IT services providers:

Transparent, Data-Driven IT Support

Get a handle on your IT. We map out every server, computer and device to get a full picture of your IT health. That way, our team of engineers can diagnose and resolve IT issues quickly (and prevent future problems before they start).


CIO-Level IT Consulting & Strategy

Is your IT environment hindering or helping your business? Our technical engineers work with your managed IT services budget to create strategic yearly plans that maximize your technology investments and help you understand how to prioritize IT projects to fit your business goals.

How Managed IT Services Works

Step 1

Assess Your Network

We’ll start with a network assessment to evaluate where your data is at risk and how to reduce costs and improve your IT environment.

Step 2

Prioritize Your Technology Needs

Based on your needs, we’ll create strategic technology plans that fit your budget and goals. We’ll show you all the resources and costs required to future-proof your business.

Step 3

Gain an Ongoing San Diego IT Consultant and Partner

With monthly status reports, quarterly strategy meetings and a team of engineers, you’ll have IT support at every level of your business. We work with you to roll out new initiatives and overcome IT roadblocks with your goals in focus.


We solve your pressing tech issues, but we don’t tackle IT in a silo. We keep your business goals front and center to ensure we fix the problems that affect you every day. Technology is the fuel that gets you where you want to go.



Solving immediate tech issues will patch holes today, but a short-term solution doesn’t set you up for future success. We work with you to create a foolproof technology roadmap that serves your San Diego business now AND in the future.