System Integration

Technology projects are complex. Working with Helixstorm makes them easier for you.

There are a lot of different technologies available on the market that can do some amazing things, but which products are right for your company?

  • How do they operate with other technologies within your environment today?
  • What is the impact to your business if you couldn’t access your applications?
  • How painful would it be if your company couldn’t restore from a backup?

Helixstorm Engineers have solved infrastructure problems for a wide range of large and medium size enterprises across the country.

We can build any infrastructure project for you as long as you can answer 3 questions for us:

  1. How long can your applications be down before your business feels the impact?
  2. Can you quantify the impact (in lost revenue or lost credibility)?
  3. How much data loss is your business willing to tolerate?

It’s that easy! We can design infrastructure that will make your applications more reliable, protect your business from disaster, and secure your valuable information.

We apply our five step methodology to each engagement. This process helps us ensure we have the necessary information to deliver a successful project for you.

1. Collect

Our engineers will evaluate your current environment

2. Analyze

We analyze the data from the evaluation and discuss the best solutions with you

3. Plan and Design

Our engineers will design a solution that meets your business requirements

4. Implement

We are able to work hand-in-hand with your team or roll out the whole implementation project for you.

5. Support

We provide 24/7 monitoring and alerting managed IT services to help keep you protected from unnecessary outages and your environment healthy.

*Need training on the new solutions we just implemented? We provide that too.