Network & Security IT Assessment


Still struggling with persistent IT issues?

Take the first step to solve your tech headaches with our free Network and Security IT assessment (a $1,500 value!)


  • Review your company’s IT environment and technology systems
  • Get insights into your company’s computer networks, servers and storage
  • Evaluate where your data is at risk, ways to cut technology costs and how you can improve your environment

How Does the Network & Security IT Assessment Work?

Running into the same IT problems over and over again? You’re not alone.

Most businesses don’t perform the routine IT maintenance they need. Over time, redundancies, black holes and process breakdowns add up to significant IT issues that increase downtime, hurt productivity and slow your business down.

But where do you start?

That’s where our free Network and Security IT assessment comes in.

What is the Network and Security IT Assessment?

The free Network and Security IT assessment measures the health of your IT environment and identifies critical gaps to improve. You’ll get valuable data into your company’s computer networks, servers, storage and security.

During your personalized Network and Security IT assessment, we’ll:

  • Review your IT environment
  • Provide insight into your company’s computer networks, servers and storage
  • Evaluate where your data is at risk
  • Identify how to reduce technology costs and improve your environment
  • Send written reports and follow-up recommendations


We’ll navigate you through the assessment process, review the results and help you plan the next steps to improve your IT performance.

What Does It Include?

The Network and Security IT assessment looks at common issues businesses run into every day:

  • Asset discovery: A big picture assessment of all your servers, printers, computers and equipment on your network.
  • Password and password policy strength: Do you have a password policy? Is it sufficiently protecting your business?
  • Operating systems: Are they outdated? No longer supported?
  • Antivirus and spyware: Is it installed, updated and configured correctly?
  • Hard drive capacity: Is it sufficient for your business needs?
  • Security gaps: Who is the domain admin? Who has rights access?
  • Check internet provider speeds: Are you getting the bandwidth you’re paying for?

Our managed IT services clients typically see:


Issue Resolved on First Contact

20 min

Avg. Ticket Response Time

1.87 hrs

Avg. Resolution Time


System Uptime

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Case Study: O'Neill

Discover how Helixstorm resolved performance and security issues, reduced time-intensive server maintenance and implemented disaster recovery for O'Neill.


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FREE Network & Security Assessment ($1500 value)

This assessment evaluates:

  • Specific vulnerabilities that put your data at risk
  • Recommendations to improve your network speed
  • SWOT analysis to identify strengths, threats and opportunities
  • A management plan to put these recommendations into action