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We Want to Know About Your Computers

We Want to Know About Your Computers! As part of our ongoing commitment to the success of the businesses in our community, Helixstorm invites you to take a brief survey about your technology. Our goal is to identify the technology concerns that are most important to companies in the area. The survey is 6 questions… Read More

I’m a Business Owner

I’m a Business Owner As a business owner, you need your technology to just work. You can’t afford to spend 3 hours a day troubleshooting an internet connection. You certainly don’t have the time to deal with slow desktops. And the last thing you need is to find your latest computer virus came from an… Read More

I’m an IT Professional

I’m an IT Professional As an IT professional, you know how beneficial virtualization and cloud computing can be for your company. Maybe your equipment is old and you need to replace it on a small budget. Or your company is growing and you need to figure out a way to make the technology scale. Whatever… Read More