Cost Savings

Given the current state of the economy, organizations are having to come up with new ways to save
money while still providing a reliable computing infrastructure for their employees and customers.
Helixstorm will save you money through a mix of state-of-the-art software and trusted hardware to deliver
an unparalleled, cost-effective environment.

Helixstorm is committed to saving you money. We deliver by understanding your needs, goals, and
requirements in order to design and implement the best solution that fits your budget. Stability,
reliability, and performance should never be sacrificed by cost. Using industry standard hardware
and proven software technologies, we have delivered cost-effective solutions to our customers.

How do we do it?

Virtualize it! Workload consolidation and storage virtualization can drastically reduce your procurement,
operating, power and cooling costs. Complete infrastructure virtualization saves money. If you have
already virtualized your server environment or are looking to do so, why not virtualize your storage
environment? Through “Total Virtualization,” VMware, DataCore Software, and helixstorm can
maximize your return on investment (ROI) and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) while delivering
the highest availablity to your end users.


Benefits of Workload Consolidation:

VMware and Helixstorm have the experience and expertise to deliver workload consolidation while still
providing reliability to your business. In this tough economic environment and declining budgets, IT
is expected to do more with less. With cost, resource, and time pressures, how do you ensure continued
innovation while meeting your service level agreements (SLAs)? Take control of your IT and datacenter
by building a virtualized infrastructure. With VMware in partnership with Helixstorm, you can see
immediate, quantifiable cost savings while ensuring true business agility—the ability to rapidly respond
to the changing market environment. The question is not whether you can afford to virtualize with
VMware, but rather “How can you afford not to?” Consolidation will save you money and accelerate your
“Green IT” initiative by:

  • Reducing CapEx through consolidation

    Datacenter expense
  • Improving OpEx through automation
  • Minimizing lost revenue due to downtime
  • Reducing energy costs by 80%
  • Enabling Power Down of servers without affecting applications or users
  • Decreasing costs and improving service levels

Benefits of Storage Virtualization — Manage More with Less:

DataCore Non-Stop, Lightning-Fast, Waste-Free Storage Area Networks (SANs) maximize savings and
business productivity. Thousands of customers have relied upon DataCore storage virtualization
solutions to serve, manage, and protect their data and to grow their storage infrastructures
efficiently and economically with a solution that continues to work for them even as the hardware
within that infrastructure comes and goes. With DataCore SAN software, users can utilize existing
storage and hardware at levels never previously achieved.

  • Cut storage costs by 50% or more

    DataCore Cost Savings
  • Increases utilization rates up to 80% or more
  • Reduces provisioning times for new applications from days to minutes
  • Accelerates performance and response times, time is money
  • Slashes downtime and eliminates disruptions for upgrades and maintenance

Helixstorm is an Enterprise Partner with VMware and DataCore. Our solution consultants and professional
service delivery guarantee your “Total Virtualization” project is a success. Start saving money
now! Give us a call, we are always happy to help.