Virtualizing your IT environment has many well-known, proven benefits. It is a reliable solution that makes your data accessible and reduces both hardware and software costs. Virtualization also decreases the amount of space and energy required to run your data center, and improves the flexibility and scalability of the IT enterprise.

With over 50 years of collective industry experience, Helixstorm expertly takes customers out of the physical space and migrates them to a virtualized infrastructure.


Datacenter Virtualization

Helixstorm provides end-to-end virtualization of the enterprise datacenter to increase end user agility and decrease operational costs. We do this by first providing the underlying architectural building blocks that support a virtualized infrastructure. By using virtualization-ready servers, storage, and networking components, we improve application performance, lower your energy usage with fewer physical machines, and make your data more accessible.

Our certified engineers convert your physical resources into virtual datacenters and virtual machines. As part of this process, we consolidate your data to increase usability. Your datacenter (mission-critical servers, storage, and network devices) is the foundation of your IT department, and we are experts in optimizing your resources to efficiently operate and manage the applications that keep your company running and profitable.


Server Virtualization

Traditional physical servers only utilize a fraction of their hardware capacity- which is a waste of money and resources. With virtualization technology, you can improve the effectiveness of this data center building block by consolidating data and distributing it evenly across a virtual platform. Cutting-edge servers to create a virtual server environment that is capable of keeping you competitive in your market.

Helixstorm expertly turns physical resources into virtual machines, often increasing the operation of each device to 90%. This also increases the flexibility and disaster recovery capabilities of your IT resources. With a consolidation rate as high as 10:1, the cost savings and space reduction make server virtualization an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes.

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Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization is a critical aspect of virtualizing the datacenter. When a storage array is virtual, the capacity of individual virtual machines is far superior to those supported by physical arrays. This is because physical storage require fast, block-level access to server hard drives, and are configured into storage pools to accommodate this requirement. Unfortunately, this fundamentally restricts flexibility, scalability, and productivity because of limitations within the configuration.

Helixstorm can optimize and increase the capacity in your datacenter by virtualizing your storage. We open your arrays up to increased usability and scalability. By combining both software and hardware technology, we can create an environment that maximizes the technology that supports your business.


Desktop Virtualization

In any organization, desktops can be scattered across several physical locations, creating completely self-contained units with limited management and troubleshooting capabilities. With virtualized desktops, the virtual machine (operating system and applications included) is hosted and managed in the datacenter. This increases security and reduces the total cost of ownership without interrupting the end user experience.

Helixstorm implements virtual desktops to ease the management, deployment, and provisioning challenges of enterprise desktops. Along with trusted software and hardware technology partners, we bring the flexibility and cost savings of virtual desktops to your organization.

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