What the Heck is Nimble Storage? 5 Benefits You Should Know

When you’re in business growth mode, you need to plan how you will scale your assets without going over budget.

For small businesses looking for ways to reduce storage costs while optimizing company performance, HPE’s Nimble Storage might be the right solution. From integrated backup and disaster recovery to painless IT operations, Nimble Storage offers affordable scalability to support any business’s long-term success.

Today we’ll go over how Nimble Storage works and why it could be the ideal data storage solution for your business.

What Is Nimble Storage?

A leading data storage solution, Nimble Storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to address problems before they affect your organization and future-proof your business. Nimble Storage uses innovative technology to monitor your IT infrastructure around the clock and protect your business from cybersecurity risks.

Nimble Storage is divided into three main product lines:

  1. All-Flash Arrays
  2. Adaptive Flash Arrays
  3. Secondary Flash Arrays

While Adaptive Flash and Secondary Flash combine traditional hard disk drives with newer solid-state or flash drives, All-Flash Arrays store all your data with solid-state flash drive technology to offer the highest possible performance.

Nimble Storage is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, making your system smarter, more reliable and customized to fit your IT needs. As the only data storage solution on the market designed to scale up and scale out with your business, Nimble Storage is an excellent solution for businesses that want true hybrid cloud storage.

5 Benefits of Nimble Storage

Compared to flash storage, which is common in smartphones, laptops and servers, Nimble Storage is designed to provide flexible and reliable enterprise storage to companies with fluctuating IT needs.

Here are the main benefits of Nimble Storage that will modernize your data storage infrastructure:

1. Reduces Data Storage Costs

For businesses struggling with rising support costs for out-of-date storage solutions, Nimble Storage’s adaptive intelligence can help you find significant cost savings. Combined with Nimble Storage’s “pay as you go” subscription model, you can easily adjust your data storage to align with your organization’s needs.

2. Optimizes Business Performance

Nimble Storage provides fast, reliable IT support. Because many issues are common and frequent across IT environments, Nimble Storage compares your issues with previous cases and resolves your problems with proven solutions so you can avoid downtime. 

Nimble Storage also offers deduplication so you can eliminate redundant data without compromising your system’s performance, something that most hybrid flash arrays cannot guarantee.

3. Reduces Business Risk

Nimble Storage reduces risk and improves reliability to maximize your IT infrastructure’s productivity and your team’s performance. 

Powered by InfoSight, a cloud-based controller platform that monitors your system for potential problems, Nimble Storage provides proactive cybersecurity so you can identify issues before they affect your organization. In fact, 86% of issues detected are automatically resolved without the need for additional IT support.

4. Scales Easily

While many data storage solutions are simple to “scale up,” or increase disk capacity without adding more CPU or memory, Nimble Storage can also “scale out” your data storage to improve performance as well as capacity. You have the option to add or remove resources to a system as your needs change.

5. Speeds Up Data Access

With 99.9999% availability, Nimble Storage allows your team to access data whenever they need it. Nimble Storage also offers one of the fastest times to provisioning, so you can install and configure your storage array almost immediately. 

By streamlining the installation process, Nimble Storage allows you to expand your IT environment faster, instead of waiting weeks for implementation, so your business can resume operations as soon as possible.

Choose Helixstorm to Implement Your HPE Nimble Storage

Are you struggling with a slow and costly data storage system? Nimble Storage can optimize business performance and increase productivity — without breaking the bank.

As an HPE Certified Partner and Reseller, Helixstorm can help you find the right Nimble storage solution and migrate your business’s data to a more reliable, efficient system. Our team of experts can identify specific capacity and performance requirements and create a Nimble Storage system to future-proof your business. Contact us today to learn how you can improve scalability and reduce storage costs with Nimble Storage solutions from Helixstorm.