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Nimble Storage and Managed Services


Struggle to scale storage?

Wasting time and resources dealing with your bulky, slow storage system? Reduce storage costs and optimize business performance with Nimble Storage.

Poorly performing storage systems waste resources and stall productivity. Nimble Storage provides high-performance storage at reduced operational costs, allowing you to accelerate critical business application performance and enhance productivity — without breaking the bank.


Helixstorm’s professional services expertise is exceptionally strong and their depth of knowledge is broad. You can’t find a more talented partner. We will continue to rely on them as a strategic partner for many future projects to come.

Travis Burke, Director of IT

Save More With Nimble Storage Solutions From Helixstorm

As an HPE Certified Partner and Reseller, Helixstorm can help you purchase the right Nimble storage solution, migrate your data and optimize your storage costs.

We’ll help you:

  • Analyze your current network, including capacity and workloads.
  • Configure the right Nimble solution for your environment.
  • Migrate your existing systems and data onto Nimble.
  • Manage Nimble storage, assisting in capacity planning, optimization and support as needed.


The Benefits of Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage’s patented architecture seamlessly delivers affordable performance, integrated backup and disaster recovery and pain-free operations.

Here’s how Nimble Storage will benefit your business.

  • Boost performance and efficiency. Nimble Storage has higher performance than traditional spinning hard disk drives, improving efficiency and performance.
  • Save on storage management costs. With a lower cost per operation, Nimble Storage saves businesses on nearly every workload and optimizes your overall storage costs.
  • Get fast, reliable data access. Access your data quickly when you need it, with 99.9999 percent availability.
  • Scale up and out efficiently without business disruption. Traditional file systems couple performance and capacity. You can’t increase capacity without addressing licensing and controller heads, requiring scheduled outages that disrupt business. Nimble Storage scales up and out efficiently, meaning you can scale storage needs easily during business hours without interrupting daily work.
  • Reduce business risk and improve infrastructure reliability with Nimble InfoSight. With Nimble Storage, you get access to InfoSight, a cloud-based controller platform to manage your storage system from the cloud and quickly resolve issues.HPE InfoSight reduces business risk with proactive, autonomous IT infrastructure support that gets better over time. InfoSight identifies and alleviates issues before they’re reported — 86 percent of issues detected are automatically resolved, reducing IT support and improving productivity. 
  • Find the right, flexible storage system to fit your IT environment with Timeless Storage. Your storage infrastructure should scale with your business. Nimble storage options can blend the performance power of flash and disk storage into a hybrid storage system with impressive capabilities.Whether you run a traditional IT environment, are transitioning to the cloud or rely on a mixture of both, Nimble provides the flexible technology and solutions that fit your business.

Helixstorm as Your HPE Nimble Storage Services Partner

Purchasing a Nimble Storage solution is only the first step. To optimize your costs and get the most out of the solution, you’ll also have to make critical considerations, such as:

  • What data needs to be available?
  • What can be archived?
  • Do you have a multi-cloud or hybrid IT environment?
  • How do you efficiently migrate your data and files?

As an HPE Certified Partner and Reseller, Helixstorm assists organizations with implementing Nimble products and solutions.

We’ll help you identify specific capacity and performance requirements that address current and future needs to create the optimal Nimble Storage system for you.

Interested in Nimble Storage Services?

See how you can improve scalability and reduce your storage costs with Nimble Storage solutions from Helixstorm.