Converged IT

A converged IT infrastructure allows your organization to gather separate technology components and merge them into one single solution. It’s a great solution for companies looking to manage assets from one location.

This solution is a lot more productive and cost effective than traditional computing environments. This makes it possible for you and your IT staff to manage your assets from a central place. It also lets your unify your servers, storage arrays, networking equipment, and software within the data center.


Server Convergence

Helixstorm can help you think about your server resources in a different way- a way that allows you to reassign underused resources to free up space and power requirements.

We can converge your infrastructure by networking high-volume servers together as a pool of computing resources instead of keeping them in silos within your enterprise data center. This will decrease your cost and improve your operational flexibility.

Storage Convergence

Helixstorm can assist you in converging your storage for peak performance and increased productivity.

By implementing a new architecture that leverages established technology, it is now possible to manage storage arrays centrally and set provision policies that scale with the amount of occupied memory.

Network Convergence

By utilizing sophisticated technology, Helixstorm can assist you in creating network convergence within your data center.

By converging all your enterprise communications services into a single set-up, Helixstorm can architect your network to have greater capacity, higher performance, and decreased operational costs.