A key part of your data center, the network in your IT infrastructure, is a collection of hardware and software that are interconnected by communication channels. The network is how information is shared within your organization. Helixstorm understands these channels and we are experienced in optimizing them to produce the fastest, most reliable network possible in your data center.


Types of Communication

The two most common kinds of networks are Ethernet and TCP/IP. Ethernet has a flat scheme and can be deployed to support many business needs. TCP/IP provides an enlarged addressing capacity.

Helixstorm has extensive experience in both communication platforms and can help you implement the best option for your enterprise.


Hardware Components

The hardware making up your data center network consists of network cards, bridges, switches, and routers. All of these elements allow the physical machines to access your chosen network medium to create an optimized computer network. The network interface card is a piece of hardware that allows computers to physically access the network.

The bridge connects multiple networks by analyzing addresses to ports. Switches filters data between ports, and routers forwards packets between networks by processing information. With these hardware technologies, Helixstorm can architect an efficient, reliable foundation for your computer network.