High Availability (HA)

In today’s “always on” business world, we expect continuous access to our data. We deliver this
through high availability to eliminate all single points of failure (SPoF) that could potentially
prevent access to critical business information.

Implementing a HA architecture means that you have the need for continuous access to your
data. HA is provided through a redundant set of components that can maintain a consistent connection
between the client application and the physical location of the data being accessed, regardless of any
single component failure. Helixstorm uses a different approach over “traditional” hardware-based storage
arrays. We use software deployed on industry standard (x86) servers (Dell and HP) to create
fully redundant, HA architecture with unparalleled performance. Our “shared nothing”
design ensures higher availability than traditional controllers with a shared backplane.


Benefits of High Availability

Helixstorm HA expertise can help you:

  • Deploy a fully redundant storage infrastructure eliminating SPoF
  • Provide Service Level Agreements (SLA) to your customers and corporate users
  • Design a “real time” synchronous mirror environment with transparent failover for each business critical
  • Deliver a cost-effective, reliable, high performance centralized storage array customized to
    meet your needs


Connectivity Options

Our storage solutions can be implemented with one or more of these connectivity technologies:

  • iSCSI
  • Fiber Channel (including 8Gb)
  • Fiber Channel over Etherent (FCoE)
  • 10GbE

Access to data is critical. Most documents today are electronic and time sensitive; therefore, not having
access to your data because of a failure due to component failure or major disaster, could mean loss
of revenue, a competitive disadvanatge, or both.