Backup Services and Data Storage Solutions for Temecula Businesses

Specializing in backup services and data storage solutions for businesses in the Temecula Valley.

Are your systems configured to withstand a natural disaster or accidental data loss? Are you confident your data will successfully restore when you need it most? If so, Helixstorm can help.

Natural disasters, power failures, theft and equipment crashes have the potential to take down your business. You need a thorough data backup and restore process to keep your systems running and employees productive despite disruptive events raging around you.

So how do you configure technology in a way that protects your data from the unknown?

Gain peace of mind with Helixstorm’s custom backup services and data storage solutions. Helixstorm backs up your data on workstations and servers that are connected to a local USB or network-attached backup device.

Our data backup and restore experts automate your backup and storage solutions to back up at pre-scheduled times. With managed backups from Helixstorm, you never have to wonder whether your data will be there when you need it.

What’s Included: Managed IT Support Plans

Custom Backup Schedules

Helixstorm schedules backups to occur on weekends and incremental backups every weeknight to ensure your data is always accessible. Have specific data needs? Our backup experts will audit your data and define a backup schedule that works best for you.

Onsite and Remote Backups

Onsite backups help reduce time to recovery. But offsite backups are also critical to prevent against local disasters. By backing up your data in separate geographic regions, Helixstorm guarantees successful recovery from any service interruption.

Scalable Storage Solutions

Are you constantly running out of storage space? Helixstorm can utilize your existing backup target hardware or implement scalable cloud storage solutions to help you achieve greater cost savings.

Helixstorm's Backup Services for Servers and Workstations

Protect your servers, laptops and portable workstations from natural disasters and accidental data loss.

Helixstorm backs up laptop and other portable workstations that are connected to local or network-attached hard drives.

Our flexible backup options also include:

Off-Site Replication

To have a true disaster recovery plan in place, you need off-site replication. We keep an identical copy of stored data at another location to offset risk of a local, natural disaster. If your building or data center experiences a devastating event, we ensure nothing is lost with our innovative replication procedures.

Onsite D2D Backups

With disk-to-disk backups from Helixstorm, one computer hard drive is backed up to another hard disk. This way, multiple backup and recovery operations can access the disk at the same time. The backup is fast and has a high capacity, with a low cost of ownership and nonlinear data recovery. Combined with off-site replication, this integrated backup approach offers quick data recovery.

Cloud Backups

Reduce the risk of physical or onsite backups with cloud backups. Helixstorm can migrate and back up your data to the cloud for a scalable, cost-effective storage solution. Back up anything from email to entire servers. Our team of cloud backup experts will customize a backup plan and schedule that caters to your business needs.

Interested in Data Backup & Recovery Services?

Case Study: O'Neill

Discover how Helixstorm resolved performance and security issues, reduced time-intensive server maintenance and implemented disaster recovery for O'Neill.


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"Helixstorm helped us design and implement our virtual computing infrastructure. Their 'best practice' methodology helped us gain the availability we needed to deliver our applications to our clients. Helixstorm has a depth of expertise deploying total virtualization environments. We are now able to provide redundancy to our critical business application and storage on demand through thin-provisioning."

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